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StrongFirst – is the school of strength founded by Pavel Tsatsouline – world class expert in strength training. SF is the gold standard in kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight strength training education. At this point, it is one of the leading strength and endurance training systems in the world.

Upcoming events:
Kettlebell 101: April 5th, 2024
Kettlebell 201 and 301: April 6th, 2024
Flexible Steel: April 7th, 2024

April 6, 2024
Kettlebell 201 + 301
190.00 170.00
April 7, 2024
Flexible Steel
April 5-7, 2024
Kettlebell 101/201/301 + Flexible Steel
435.00 375.00
April 5, 2024
Kettlebell 101
April 5-6, 2024
Kettlebell 101 + 201
190.00 170.00
April 5-6, 2024
Kettlebell 101 + 201 + 301
285.00 250.00
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StrongFirst – is the school of strength founded by Pavel Tsatsouline – world class expert in strength training. SF is the gold standard in kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight strength training education. At this point, it is one of the leading strength and endurance training systems in the world, which events you can find all across the globe. Distilled from the best of the Eastern Bloc and Western sports sciences, sports medicine practises and elite world-class coaches, SF methods have a proven record with professional athletes, special force operators, as well as regular folks who have decided to earn self-confidence and be weak no more.

StrongFirst systems trains not only strength, but also strength endurance, flexibility and resilience even to the biggest challenges. If you’re looking for a effective and time-tested method how to develop strength and endurance, increase your longevity and just stay strong, you came to the right place.

StrongFirst instructor team is made up from national team coaches, national champions, former military special operators, first responders, law enforcement officers, elite martial artists, national team sports medicine doctors, and other highest level professionals.

Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the kettlebell training to the West in 1998 and made much more than just popularised kettlebell across the world. It actually started the kettlebell revolution. A former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, Pavel became a Subject Matter Expert to the elite of US military and law enforcement, including the Marine Corps, the Secret Service, and the Navy SEALs. Pavel founded StrongFirst, the “school of strength,” to bring “low tech/high concept” methods of achieving high performance and resilience not only to elite warriors and athletes, but also to regular folks who just want to get better and strong.

StrongFirst school of strength is shook the strength training education all across the world. Instead of dry theoretical teaching, which is common in many sports universities and S&C programs, which is useless in practise when training athletes, SF education is exceptional in a way that it forces the students to understand the mechanics of strength training, perform the lifts themselves and to be able to properly educate and teach others. Since the foundation of the SF school, it’s methods have been constantly updated and over the span of 20 years, the strength training manual has been corrected and updated over 30 times.

Structure of StrongFirst education, certification and workshops:

Each workshop (Kettlebell, Barbell or Bodyweigth has three levels – 101, 201 and 301).
After finishing the advanced (301) workshop you can pursue the goal of becoming a Certified StrongFirst (KB, BB or BW) instructor.

  • Kettlebell 101, 201 and 301 workshops, taking 4 hours each.
  • Barbell 101, 201 and 301 101, 201 ir 301 workshops, taking 4 hours each.
  • Bodyweight 101, 201 and 301 workshops, taking 4 hours each.
  • Kettlebell level I Instructor Certification – lasting 3 days, 22 hours, for those who want to become a certified SF kettlebell instructor
  • Kettlebell level II Instructor Certification – 2 dienų, 16 val. for those who want to become a advanced SF kettlebell instructor
  • Barbell Instructor Certification – lasting 3 days, 22 hours, for those who want to become a certified SF barbell instructor
  • Bodyweight Instructor Certification – lasting 3 days, 22 hours, for those who want to become a certified SF kettlebell instructor

Workshops are designed for:
-S&C coaches and personal trainers;
-Sports coaches;
-Sports and FM&R doctors;
-Regular folks who wants to become strong and resilient

Instructor certifications are for:
-S&C coaches and personal trainers;
-Sports coaches;
-Sports and FM&R doctors;
Who have participated in advanced 301 workshop and are looking to become a certified SF strength instructors

Workshop curriculum:

Accept no compromises. Between power and conditioning. Between strength and flexibility. Between being an athlete and looking like one. Enter the kettlebell—the only training tool able to deliver all aspects of extreme fitness with no compromises. No-one knows how to wield this tool better than StrongFirst, the ones who introduced the kettlebell to the world and started the kettlebell revolution.

In Kettlebell 101 workshop you will learn:

  • The kettlebell exercises that deliver great gains while having the steepest learning curve
  • The Swing—build a back of steel, sprinter’s glutes, fighter’s conditioning, and a blue-collar grip
  • The Get-up—forge resilient shoulders and bullet-proof abs
  • The Goblet Squat—develop a killer blend of strength and flexibility
  • Kettlebell safety and other boring stuff that pros swear by and amateurs ignore at their own risk
  • Insider strategies for long term sustainable training to reach your goals
  • Pavel’s “Alt-S&S” programming—totally in line with the book, yet with unique wrinkles

Once you have reached the impressive yet realistic “Timeless Simple” standard, you have choices to make. Stay with already learned kettlebell swings and get-ups, goblet-squats and slowly but surely progress to  “Sinister.” Or try something “same but different”: the snatch plus the clean and military press, the classic Rite of Passage.

However, to attend 201 workshop, you need to be absolutely competent in swings, get-ups, and goblet squats.

The Snatch is “the king of the kettlebell lifts.” Thanks to more muscles working and twice the distance travelled, it accomplishes even more than the esteemed swing. Achieve total body explosive power, ruthless conditioning, and a vice like grip. Burn fat like never before. All with a lighter kettlebell—save space in your home, car trunk, or deployment kit.

Once we have taught you the skills with our usual attention to detail, we will send you off to succeed with a Strong Endurance™ snatch plan.

The one-arm Clean-and-Press will rival any other pressing exercise when it comes to shoulder strength and muscular development. It is untouchable when it comes to shoulder health, thanks to its ergonomic perfection.

The military press comes equipped with the “Rite of Passage” type programming—possibly the most reliable progression ever.

Three versions of the ROP—“Jurassic,” “907 Hypertrophy,” and “Heavy”—will keep you gaining for a long time.

Kettlebell 201 ROP sets high goals—and gives you the skills and the roadmap to reach them.

Do you have what it takes?

Either you never touched the barbell, or you did it occasionally in the past. Now you choose to be strong and to do it right.

By participating in Barbel 101 workshop you will learn:

  • Develop total body strength with just two highest yield lifts (Fact: some of the strongest athletes in the world are ultra-minimalists)
  • The Deadlift—the most “functional” strength exercise and the most hardcore lift of all time
  • The Bench Press—the undisputed champion for building upper body strength faster than any other exercise
  • The Bridge Floor Press—a favorite of old-time strongmen and wrestlers, it is a bench press with no bench
  • Perform these lifts like a pro—with techniques perfected for maximal strength and longevity
  • Keep gaining strength non-stop for up to a year with state-of-the-art programming that blends Soviet science and American ingenuity
  • Build quality muscle “organically”—along with strength
  • Experience minimal fatigue and soreness—because you need energy outside the gym

Barbell 201 is old school at its best: the Military Press and the Zercher Squat.

The Military Press is a classic that ought to be treated right. Others will show you how to press strict and weak—or how to put up a lot of weight sloppily. We press strict and strong, the way Soviet weightlifters did in the early 1960s.

The Zercher Squat is the ultimate “squat for the people!” Simple technique. No strain on the wrists, shoulders, or elbows. No need for a rack or a spotter. A great carryover to sports and other lifts. As a bonus, an unbelievable training effect on the abs.

The two lifts come fully loaded with the “Russian Countdown” cycle to make your strength skyrocket.

Do flexibility and mobility limitations hinder you from achieving your training goals? This training is for you! Learn which techniques to use and what details to pay attention to in order to unlock your body’s new possibilities that come with better joint ranges. Learn how to correctly perform exercises that improve mobility and flexibility, logically structure training units, all to help your body regain greater freedom of movement and increase your satisfaction from training. Better body control also means greater safety and minimizing the risk of injury. If your strength and fitness are to go hand in hand with health, the knowledge and skills gained from this training will surely help you with that.

Flexible Steel is a training system for building flexibility without losing strength, and strength without losing flexibility. Why choose when you can simultaneously develop both of these skills? Build better body control with proven training methods. The founder of the Flexible Steel system is Jon Engum, a StrongFirst Master Instructor, 7th Dan Grandmaster of Taekwondo. The vast majority of the material contained here comes from Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of the StrongFirst School of Strength. Both organizations are Partner Systems.

Be flexible and strong at the same time – this is perfect balance. Develop your body’s skills and control with Flexible Steel. Flexible Steel is a comprehensive training system whose main goal is to be strong and flexible in perfect balance. The Flexible Steel system is for everyone. All age groups, disciplines, and sports activities can benefit and regain the strength and flexibility of youth. Trainers, physiotherapists, you too will benefit from the Flexible Steel system. Show your students or patients lightning-fast results, both in terms of strength and flexibility. This system borrows many ideas from other training methods and smoothly arranges them in a logical, progressive order.

“Flexible Steel is a principle-based system that allows an athlete to be both elastic and strong at an elite level, and for an elderly grandmother to easily bend over and tie her shoes without feeling discomfort or pain. Grandmaster Jon Engum has over thirty years of experience as a high-class athlete, strength and martial arts coach, working and sharing information with the world’s greatest experts. For Flexible Steel, he chose the best techniques and exercises in history, connected them with the basic principles of building flexibility and strength, and put them into logical progressions to be safe and extremely effective. Understanding the basic principles of Flexible Steel, along with a huge set of exercises and techniques that you will learn during workshops or certifications, will bring results to you and your clients that will elevate you to a higher level!” – Fabio Zonin StrongFirst Master Instructor, Flexible Steel European Director

“Jon Engum’s Flexible Steel is the most direct approach to effective flexibility that I have ever found. It is a concise, step-by-step instruction that eliminates all guessing. A structured approach to stretching that precisely tells the student what to stretch, in what order, and exactly how many repetitions and sets to do. If you are looking for a precise instruction to achieve immediate and incredible improvement in flexibility, this is it. Your body will thank you, the competition will respect you, and your clients will love you.” – John Scott Stevens StrongFirst Certified Instructor, CK-FMS, Taekwondo 5th Dan Black Belt

Workshop Content and Program:
1. What is Flexible Steel?
2. The 3S principles – the basic rule of Flexible Steel
3. Methods for developing flexibility using some Flexible Steel tools (FS Tool Box) – including “Power Stretching”
4. Kettlebell – a reliable tool for both strength building and increasing range of motion
5. Specific breathing techniques for more effective flexibility enhancement
6. From wooden person to mobile and flexible athlete – mobilization of joints throughout the body
7. Flexibility training programs:
– overall body fitness – “Escape Your Fighting Stance” program
– upper body mobility – increasing range of motion for the shoulder girdle, thoracic spine
– lower body mobility – increasing range of motion for hips and ankles, leg muscle flexibility
– FS Minimum Program – minimalistic full-body training delivering amazing results
8. Split – a goal worth commitment and dedication
9. Basics of flexibility training programming and flexibility and strength

What to expect from the training? A lot of practice, exercises arranged in logical sequences, as well as regression and progression of techniques to adapt them to your abilities and goals. In addition, there will be a solid workout and good fun.

The training is an introduction to Jon Engum’s Flexible Steel system, aiming to provide basic knowledge about the system and generate interest in participation in the Flexible Steel Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Certifications. The introductory training does not repeat what is taught during Instructor Certifications, but some elements are further developed in the Instructor Courses. The goal of the Instructor Courses is also to teach how to help others become strong and flexible through proper correction selection and regression/progression of exercises.

Workshop schedule and pricing:

April 5th, 2024
-14:00-18:00 – Kettlebell 101

April 6th, 2024
-9:00-13:00 – Kettlebell 201
-14:00-18:00 – Kettlebell 301

April 7th, 2024
-10:00-17:00 – Flexible Steel

Workshop pricing:
Single workshop price is 95 euros.
Discount applied if attending more than 1 workshop!
2 workshops: 20 eur discount. Price 170 Eur (instead of 190 eur)
3 workshops: 35 eur discount. Price 250 Eur (instead of 285 eur)
4 workshops: 60 eur discount. Price 320 Eur (instead of 380 eur)
5 workshops: 75 eur discount. Price 400 Eur (instead of 475 eur)
6 workshops: 90 eur discount. Price 480 Eur (instead of 570 eur)


StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor
Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist

Since 2010 I manage a sports club and school of martial arts in Krakow. I’m a founder and the chief trainer in the Centrum Kettlebell Kraków – StrongFirst Gym. I share my expertise during the advanced level training sessions in the gym, private lessons with my students, StrongFirst Workshops and during numerous instructor certifications I teach all around the world (USA, Italy, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, China, France, Switzerland). My specialty is teaching how to build strength with the use of kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight and also the knowledge how to maintain and increase the flexibility of muscles without the loss of their strength in accordance with the motto “Be Both Strong and Flexible – Be StrongFirst and Become Flexible Steel”.

I practice Chen Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and sports martial arts of Sanda Kickboxing. I’m all the time increasing my skills, among others, by participating in foreign trainings and seminars. As a representative of the Polish National Team I won two bronze medals at the Traditional Wushu Championships in Shiyan – China 2010 and silver and bronze medals at the World Traditional Wushu Championships in Huangshan – China 2012. For the last achievement I was the only member of the Polish National Team awarded with the Prize of the Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Poland.

I am a professional and the quality is my priority. My assumption is simple – do something well or do not do it at all. I know what I want and I know how to achieve it. I value the work with groups of people who are involved in trainings, and I find good positive vibes easily. We have determination, strength and power. We always make one frontline.

For more information, please reach us at: P: +370 618 67325 or E: [email protected]


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